[Opendnssec-user] opendnssec 1.4.4 and mysql

Jerry Lundström jerry at opendnssec.org
Thu Apr 3 12:53:38 UTC 2014

Hi Mark,

On tor, 2014-04-03 at 10:51 +0100, Sara Dickinson wrote:
> On 31 Mar 2014, at 15:44, Mark Elkins <mje at posix.co.za> wrote:
> > ods-ksmutil key list:    
> > Keys:
> > ERROR: error executing SQL - Unknown column 'k.zone_id' in 'on clause'
> > Error: failed to list keys

Sadly there is a little bug that passed us by here, the issue is that a
SQL join was made to the key data which is a view and MySQL does not
like this.

> I’ve managed to reproduce this problem locally, but I don’t see it happening on any of our test systems so something a little strange is going on. 

Our tests didn't catch this because there was a miss when we migrated to
GitHub and our tests for 1.3 and 1.4 using MySQL was actually running
SQLite, that has been fixed now.

We will of course start working on this and release a fixed version

Also note that this bug only affects "key list" and should not disrupt
services and 1.3 is not affected.

Thanks for reporting this.

Jerry Lundström - OpenDNSSEC Developer

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