[Opendnssec-user] removing zone, and general performances issues

Mathieu Arnold mat at mat.cc
Sat Oct 12 13:50:04 UTC 2013


Today, I removed a zone, changed something one another one, and asked for
the other one to be resigned, I was waiting for the changes to propagate,
and as it was not happening fast enough for me, I went to have a look,
It seems that removing a zone forces the signer to reread all the zones
configurations. It seems quite a strange idea to do that to begin with, but
now, with the number of zones I have (>1500) it takes ages,  (a bit like
the signer takes ages to launch,) so, I wonder, would it be possible to not
do that as I don't really see the point for it. I don't know how the signer
works internally, and how it stores the zones configuration, but there
should be an easier when than rescanning all of them when you only want to
remove one.

On another thought, many ods-ksmutil commands do HUP the enforcer, even
some that really do not need to, like ds-seen, and as it takes about 4
minutes to go through all the zones when it has nothing to do, and more
than one hour when it does a rollover on all zones, I was wondering if
there could be a command line argument to ask not to HUP it, because, say,
I'm doing something on more than one zone at a time, and I'd rather wait
for all those to be done and notify the enforcer afterwards (or even wait
for it to do its regular run) than having it forcefuly HUPed.

Mathieu Arnold

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