[Opendnssec-user] ods-dsseen: automatic activation of DNSKEYS

Mark Elkins mje at posix.co.za
Thu Feb 21 20:05:47 UTC 2013

Been playing with OpenDNSSEC a bit - and I was wondering whether there
should not be triggers that the signing Engine can call when events
For example - OpenDNSSEC can call RNDC when needed..

One could continuously examine the logfile .... but thats ugly.

On Thu, 2013-02-21 at 18:02 +0000, Rick van Rein wrote:
> Hi Casper,
> Cool :)
> > I've written a little script that checks if a DS is available from DNS and, if so, automatically issues the ds-seen command. It's a replacement for manually checking the DS and calling "ods-ksmutil key ds-seen ....".
> We're rolling out a similar thing at SURFnet, which could be an alternative
> to this script, at least for some users.  Our thing automates all stages from
> DNSKEY publication by ods-signer to ds-seen (and ds-unseen for 2.0 up).
> I'll write a posting about that on our blog https://dnssec.surfnet.nl/
> in a while.  After my head stops spinning from flue :-S
> > Warning 1: This may be a stupid idea. It could be argued that human validation of this step is a good thing. Do not use this script if you do not completely understand what it does.
> The real harm would have been done then I think?  If you want to check
> manually, it ought to be done when rolling your DNSKEY and/or DS uphill
> (to the parent).  When it starts rolling down on the other side of the
> hilltop it's probably too late to stop?
> > Warning 2: This script has not been properly tested. Do not use it in a production environment.
> Ah, you're looking for $\alpha$ testers ;-)
> > I'm looking for opinions on if this is a useful solution or accident waiting to happen.
> Did you like the interface of OpenDNSSEC?  I didn't like that it refused
> to silently ignore repeated ds-seen due to a script that somehow missed
> a previous ds-seen.
> Cheers,
>  -Rick
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