[Opendnssec-user] DNSKEY will expire in 11.6381365740741 days (kskwarn is 12.0)

Volker Janzen voja at voja.de
Tue Dec 10 10:55:28 UTC 2013

Hi Matthijs,

> - Increase the verbosity of the signer (ods-signer verbosity 5) and see
> if there is something in the logs then

okay, tried to add this to the init script.
> - Get the queue: ods-signer queue

Still this output:

root at a:~# ods-signer queue
It is now Tue Dec 10 11:52:48 2013

I have 1 tasks scheduled.
On Tue Dec 10 12:29:35 2013 I will [sign] zone dnssec.cc

> - Check the nagios configuration and see if it matches the kasp.xml
> validity and refresh values.


I assume after three days something should happen. And I assume if
something expires in less than 12 days, the Validity should have catched
something and resign?


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