[Opendnssec-user] DNSKEY will expire in 11.6381365740741 days (kskwarn is 12.0)

Rick van Rein rick at openfortress.nl
Tue Dec 10 10:33:50 UTC 2013


>>  ods-signer debug-locks
> root at a:/var/lib/opendnssec# ods-signer debug-locks
> Unknown command debug-locks.

Okay, you are not running a very recent version.

>> 	ods-signer queue
> root at a:/var/lib/opendnssec# ods-signer queue
> It is now Tue Dec 10 11:28:28 2013
> I have 1 tasks scheduled.
> On Tue Dec 10 12:29:35 2013 I will [sign] zone dnssec.cc

Hmm, it is still looking forward.  Then it's not the sort of thing we've been seeing.  Still, no activity from the signer looks odd to me.  We've got hundreds of zones by now, but I'd expect you'd see action too, if you look at enough logging.  If not, restart the signer.  Be sure to check that it is really gone.

>> Post here please -- and tell us what version you are using.  The
>> recently released 1.3.16 may fix it if you are stuck in zone reading.
> Do you mean to list or private? Your / this message did not go to the
> list.

Ah, I didn't notice.  Should've done a Reply-All in the case of this list.  I meant that it might be good to keep the list posted.  Anyhow, it's included above now :)


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