[Opendnssec-user] Hot standby redundancy with OpenDNSSEC 1.4 and DNS Input Adapter

Ville Mattila vmattila at csc.fi
Mon Apr 15 11:10:31 UTC 2013

Hi Rick, list,

On 12.04.2013 14:23, Rick van Rein (OpenFortress) wrote:

> And what should be clear is that you can always do manual stuff to your
> zones to up the SOA serial.  I don't think OpenDNSSEC ever considered
> a facitlity to bump to a higher SOA than on the authoritative NS, which
> would be helpful to get immediate updates hurtling out to them.

>> Yes, but is there a way to tell OpenDNSSEC what the last public SOA
>> serial value is?  I mean other than <Serial>keep</Serial> in kasp.xml
>> which cannot be used in our case.
> I think this would make a valid feature request.  Why don't you enter it in JIRA
> with a bit of background on your usecase?  We'd like to have it too.

Feature request: https://issues.opendnssec.org/browse/SUPPORT-58

Ville Mattila

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