[opendnssec-user]Does 1.4 support IXFR now?

刘硕 shuoleo at 126.com
Tue Oct 30 08:54:57 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm using 1.4.0b1 for test, I use Adapter DNS and with OpenDNSSEC as an inbound to a BIND server,
that means I do not use the Inbound in addns.xml.
I have noticed in BIND's log that BIND always received the same size of data if there was no change to
the unsigned zone file, but I think it should receive only the updated RRs like SOA and its signature,
right?I tried to add some new RRs to the unsigned zone and signed, but in the xfer_in log of 
BIND still got all the messages, doest that mean that only AXFR are supported?Or should I use a BIND
as OpenDNSSEC's inbound,and OpenDNSSEC will receive newly updated RRs?
What should I do if I wanna use IXFR because the zone file is really big here,and I have to sign the 
whole zone file though most of the signatures are reused,I only wanna bother ods-signerd with the newly
added or changed RRs which should be received via IXFR I think.

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