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Mon Oct 15 08:31:18 UTC 2012


I'm testing 1.4.0b1, I got a problem that my newly added zones were imported successfully and after updating zonelist I could see them by 'ods-ksmutil key list', but ods-signerd 
complained 'Zone XX not found'.

[gtld at CST-BJ-104 unsigned]$ /home/gtld/software/OpenDNSSEC-1.4b1/bin/ods-ksmutil key list -v
MySQL database schema set to: KASP
MySQL database user set to: kaspuser
MySQL database password set
Zone:                           Keytype:      State:    Date of next transition (to):  Size:   Algorithm:  CKA_ID:                           Repository:                       Keytag:
test3.com.cn                    ZSK           active    2013-01-13 16:20:45 (retire)   1024    8           3dc5b727a7d22d3c478bec29afb419c6  SoftHSM                           48366
test3.com.cn                    KSK           publish   2012-10-16 06:20:45 (ready)    2048    8           4e1731a3b875a3bb6370b549f7ee1f6f  SoftHSM                           39667

[gtld at CST-BJ-104 tmp]$ /home/gtld/software/OpenDNSSEC-1.4b1/sbin/ods-signer sign test3.com.cn
Zone test3.com.cn not found.

When I restart the ods service, the newly added zones could be signed.

Best regards,
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