[Opendnssec-user]ods-signerd is down but pid file is still there

刘硕 shuoleo at 126.com
Mon Jul 30 06:39:15 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I find that when signing large zone and with adapter DNS, the hidden master BIND could not receive the zone completely, the ods-signerd may sometimes crash quietly ,but the engine.sock and signerd.pid are still in /var/run/opendnssec,but actually the pid does not exist yet.

abstract from syslog
Jul 26 14:04:01 CST-BJ-104 ods-signerd: [STATS] example4 RR[count=0 time=0(sec)] NSEC3[count=0 time=0(sec)] RRSIG[new=60005 reused=0 time=60(sec) avg=1000(sig/sec)] TOTAL[time=73(sec)] 
Jul 26 14:04:01 CST-BJ-104 ods-signerd: [notify] zone example4 received bad notify rcode 3

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