[Opendnssec-user] Increasing signtime until reboot/restart

Miek Gieben miek.gieben at sidn.nl
Wed Jul 4 13:16:44 UTC 2012


We have plotted the following graph:

of our signing machine. In this graph we plot the "TOTAL TIME=" line that ods

For some reason the signing duration keeps increasing and then drops sharply.
We can explain the drops, it is when we restart ods (due to upgrades or
whatever). But why does it increase? (This plot is even before the DNSSEC domain
explosion in NL, so it does not increase because of an increase in signed

This is with ods 1.3.5 on RedHat.

    Miek Gieben

SIDN, Meander 501, PO Box 5022, 6802 EA Arnhem, The Netherlands
miek.gieben at sidn.nl                         http://www.sidn.nl/
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