[Opendnssec-user] time issues

Gilles Massen gilles.massen at restena.lu
Mon Jan 9 10:24:57 UTC 2012


On 9/1/12 10:53 , Fredrik Pettai wrote:
> On Jan 5, 2012, at 08:34 , Rickard Bellgrim wrote:
>>> Another question regarding the problems that ldns caused for OpenDNSSEC,
>>> is it possible to clear/change OpenDNSSECs internal SOA serial ?
>>> I noticed that some zones have gotten "interesting" serials as side-effect of what happened:
>> That is another code and is not affected by the ldns bug.
>>> Jan  4 19:11:35 hidden-master ods-auditor[6296]: SOA differs : from 2012010401 to 2065302802
> This SOA drift started to occur again then auditor don't like the zone due to ldns bug affected zone.
>  (...)
> Note the acceleration of the SOA datecounter... now OpenDNSSEC is already in late February.

I had a similar issue after upgrading to 1.3.1: for a few zones -
possibly the most updated, the unix-time SOA as set by OpenDNSSEC jumped
to the future. No log, no explanation. Howewer, as soon as ODS was
running quietly it caught up slowly (by incrementing the SOA by 1 on
each signing). I found no reason, only that it got worse with ODS restarts.

It was on a 64bit system - so if I understood the ldns bug correctly
that would not be related.


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