[Opendnssec-user] ods-enforcerd HUP when ds-seen is given?

damir musulin damir at netexpo.nl
Thu Dec 6 10:45:37 CET 2012

Hello *,

We're using OpenDNSSEC to sign DNS zones for our clients.
The version that we use is the 1.3.4 version (Ubuntu repo version)
The auditor is disabled, we use an external auditor.

The problem we face with ODS is that once a ds-seen command is given,
the ods-enforcerd
is going to check all existing zone files.

So let say you have a thousand zone files.
Once you start to give a ds-seen command for for let say ten domains,
the ods-enforcerd
daemon is going to check a thousand domains ten times over.....

In the source code of the 1.3.4 and the 1.3.11 the ods-enforcerd is just
getting a HUP
once a ds-seen command is given. So there isn't a change between this

I've checked the bugfix logs of ODS but i don't see any note about this
Does anybody have an idea how to "fix" this? Are we missing something?

Hope you can help.

With kind regards,

Damir Musulin

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