[Opendnssec-user]How to speed up signing performance

刘硕 shuoleo at 126.com
Fri Aug 31 06:14:23 UTC 2012

Hi Jerry,

>The CPU usage you see is normal since the Signer is threaded it will use more then 100% CPU (this really depends on how the OS reports CPU usage). 
>If you wish to lower the CPU usage you can configure the number of Worker and Signer threads in conf.xml for the Signer but then the signing will 
>also take more time. Same goes if you wish to optimize/speed up the signing, reconfigure Worker and Signer threads to about 2x the number of virtual 
>CPUs you have (if you have 4 cores with hyper threading you will have 8 virtual CPUs).

# cat /proc/cpuinfo| grep processor | wc -l

As you said before, if our server has 24 processors, for a better signing performance, the worker threads should be 24*2 and keep signer threads equal with worker threads, right?

Best regards,
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