[Opendnssec-user] Check for running instance of ods-enforcerd

Casper Gielen C.Gielen at uvt.nl
Mon Nov 21 13:15:14 UTC 2011


I regularly encounter two active ods-enforcerd processes:

root at metagross:~# ps aux|grep enforce
root     11397  0.1  0.1  75244 14772 ?        Ss   Nov18   5:38 /usr/sbin/ods-enforcerd
root     14554  0.3  0.1  72464 11396 ?        Ss   12:54   0:08 /usr/sbin/ods-enforcerd

It may be caused by running 'ods-enforcerd -d -1' which I do once in a while,
especially when testing stuff (as I was doing last friday). I suspect this situation of
causing some kind of blockage but I'm not very sure.
This situation seems to be preceded by the following message:

Nov 21 13:50:42 metagross ods-enforcerd: unlink pidfile /var/run/opendnssec/enforcerd.pid failed: No such file or directory

But seeing this message is no guarantee that the problem actually occurs.

This situation can be triggered by restarting the the enforcer daemon
and running 'ods-enforcerd -d -1' a few times.

/etc/init/openddnssec-enforcerd restart &
/etc/init/openddnssec-enforcerd restart &
ods-enforcerd -d -1
ods-enforcerd -d -1
/etc/init/openddnssec-enforcerd restart &
/etc/init/openddnssec-enforcerd restart &
ods-enforcerd -d -1
ods-enforcerd -d -1

Obviously this is not something I do intentionally. I suspect it's either caused
by running 'ods-enforcerd -d -1' while daemon is running or by restarting the
daemon at the 'wrong' time, eg during a run.

Fortunately this problem is easy to detect and to recover from.
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