[Opendnssec-user] ods-signerd error

Bryton bryton at tznic.or.tz
Thu Nov 17 05:53:52 UTC 2011


I have a problem with signer.

When I issue ods-control start signer does not start

root at dnssec-signer:~# ods-control start
Starting enforcer...
OpenDNSSEC ods-enforcerd started (version 1.3.2), pid 829
Starting signer engine...
Starting signer...
OpenDNSSEC signer engine version 1.3.2
error: Connection reset by peer

In the logs I get this error

Nov 17 05:49:50 dnssec-signer kernel: [ 1333.099098] ods-signerd[864]:
segfault at 10 ip b78d8e85 sp bfb693c0 error 6 in ods-signerd[b78b7000+3c000

Earlier it started and I was signing with it and it was working ok.I
managed to add two zones and signed successfully but I added the third
one and it did not sign and those are the errors i discovered.

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