[Opendnssec-user] Include files in configuration

Casper Gielen c.gielen at uvt.nl
Tue Mar 29 15:04:23 CEST 2011

> Op 24-03-11 14:30, Jimmy Bergman schreef:
>> Hi
>> Never tested this, but it looks like you should have
>> <Password>&passwordmysql;</Password>
>> instead of only the entity. If that solves it, post the fix to the
>> list to help others.
> That was it. I originally include the <Password> tags in the include file.
> Complete solution:
> At the top of conf.xml (or any other XML file) include the following:
> <!DOCTYPE Configuration [
> <!ENTITY passwordmysql SYSTEM "passwordmysql.xml">
> ]>
> Add an "ENTITY" line for every file you want to include.
> The file should contain just the data needed, no tags.
> Now you can refer to the contents of the file in the following way:
> <Datastore>
>         <MySQL>
>                 <Host port="3306">localhost</Host>
>                 <Database>opendnssec</Database>
>                 <Username>opendnssec</Username>
>                 <Password>&passwordmysql;</Password>
>         </MySQL>
> </Datastore>

The solution outlined above does not work properly afterall.
Unfortunately the &passwordmysql; token has a trailing newline
character. That character is not in the original file, it must be an
artifact from including the file.

Next I tried to inlude the entire line, including the <Password> tags.
Unfortunately that doesn't work at all:

Mar 29 14:58:33 metagross ods-enforcerd: Expecting an element , got nothing
Mar 29 14:58:33 metagross ods-enforcerd: Error validating file

It appears the validation does not understand this way of nesting

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