[Opendnssec-user] Configure fails to link ldns?

Rick van Rein rick at openfortress.nl
Mon Jul 18 14:43:03 UTC 2011


I'm building OpenDNSSEC 1.3.0 on RHEL6.
Using EPEL, I've installed libldns + devel 1.6.10.

When configuring, I get an error:

| checking for ldns-config... /usr/bin/ldns-config
| checking what are the ldns includes... -I/usr/include
| checking what are the ldns libs...   -L/usr/lib64/python2.6 -L/usr/lib64
| -lpython2.6 -L/usr/lib64   -lcrypto -lldns
| checking for ldns_rr_new in -lldns... no
| configure: error: Can't find ldns library

Interestingly, libldns.so (.so.1 .so.1.6.10) are available in
/usr/lib64, which is -L'ed above.  The library is included in
the ld.so.cache.  The library offers the required symbol:

| shellfish# nm -D /usr/lib64/libldns.so | grep ldns_rr_new
| 0000000000018750 T ldns_rr_new
| 000000000001ad60 T ldns_rr_new_frm_fp
| 000000000001aaa0 T ldns_rr_new_frm_fp_l
| 000000000001aa90 T ldns_rr_new_frm_str
| 00000000000187e0 T ldns_rr_new_frm_type
| 000000000001aa70 T ldns_rr_new_question_frm_str

I actually picked up the little C program from ./configure
and compiled it with

| gcc check.c -L /usr/lib64/ -lcrypto -lldns

and got a clean zero exit code as well as a proper a.out output.

Something in the ./configure logic seems to be teasing me
(I find those very hard to read) -- any idea what problem
I am running into here?


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