[Opendnssec-user] Stand-by key being rolled over?

Rickard Bellgrim rickard.bellgrim at iis.se
Fri Jan 14 06:30:38 UTC 2011

On 14 jan 2011, at 04.31, Sebastian Castro wrote:

> After upgrading to OpenDNSSEC 1.2rc3, I saw a strange situation. For a
> couple of zones, the stand-by key was "rolled over". The first evidence
> was OpenDNSSEC notifying with an hour of difference about the existence
> of new DS records. In my testing environment, whenever a new DS record
> appears is internally included in the parent zone.

We have downgraded the standby keys to be experimental. They are not functioning properly, but will be fixed for v1.4.

// Rickard

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