[Opendnssec-user] assertion failure (ods 1.3.0)

Miek Gieben miek at miek.nl
Tue Aug 16 06:37:26 UTC 2011

We have connected ods to a new partition in our HSM. The ods install wasn't cleaned
so it still thinks old keys are valid (i.e. the whole kasp.db is messed up).

Obviously this setup will fail, but I'm also hit with an assertion failure. The
relevant logging is here:

signertest ods-signerd: [hsm] unable to get key: key 00c8f5813717302a753d3a625b4f398a not found
signertest ods-signerd: [zone] unable to publish dnskeys zone nl: error creating DNSKEY for key
signertest ods-signerd: [worker[2]] backoff task [load signconf for] for zone nl with 120 seconds
signertest ods-signerd: signer/tools.c:229: tools_nsecify: assertion zone->nsec3params failed


    Miek Gieben
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