[Opendnssec-user] initial config questions: Need <Parent/> stanza? Wha't PropagationDelay?

dchilton+opendnssec at bestmail.us dchilton+opendnssec at bestmail.us
Thu Apr 28 17:57:41 UTC 2011


I have a bind9 hidden primary feeding a remote nsd secondary, which
itself feeds another secondary @ my host which is exposed to the 'net.

I'm installing opendnssec on the bind9 box; I'm walking through the
install documentation.

@ /etc/opendnssec/kasp.xml, I'm unclear about the need/use of
<Parent>...</Parent> in my case.  Do I need that stanza?

And, in both <Zone>...</Zone> and <Parent>...</Parent>, I note
<PropagationDelay>PT####S</PropagationDelay>.  Where do I get those
propagation delay values?  Iiuc, it's not something I *control*, is it?
Is it heuristically determined?



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