[Opendnssec-user] Denied access to subversion repository

Sebastian Castro sebastian at nzrs.net.nz
Fri Oct 15 03:56:17 UTC 2010


It seems at some point during the last months the OpenDNSSEC Subversion
repository was relocated from http://svn.opendnssec.org/trunk/OpenDNSSEC
to http://svn.opendnssec.se /trunk/OpenDNSSEC  (note the change of TLD,
from .org to .se).

If you try to relocate your working copy, asks for a credential
(which I don't have)

sebastian at srsov-sebastian1:~/svn/OpenDNSSEC$ svn switch --relocate
Authentication realm: <http://svn.opendnssec.se:80> dav.weilenmann.se
Password for 'sebastian':

If you try to use the mechanism documented here
to retrieve a fresh copy, also complains

svn co http://svn.opendnssec.org/trunk/OpenDNSSEC ods
svn: Repository moved permanently to
'http://svn.opendnssec.se/trunk/OpenDNSSEC'; please relocate

Could you please take a look at it and ideally have the documentation

Kind Regards,
Sebastian Castro
DNS Specialist
.nz Registry Services (New Zealand Domain Name Registry Limited)
desk: +64 4 495 2337
mobile: +64 21 400535

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