[Opendnssec-user] Gentoo packaging status

Tom Hendrikx tom at whyscream.net
Thu May 27 19:14:43 UTC 2010


With the release of OpenDNSSEC 1.1.0, it's also time to get it into Gentoo.

After starting to roll a Gentoo ebuild for OpenDNSSEC 1.0.0 somewhere in
February, I ran into several ./configure issues that all have been fixed
by the OpenDNSSEC team (thanks guys!). This lead to a lot of patches, so
I opted to wait for a new stable release from upstream before trying to
get stuff included.

I'll try to get the current work into Gentoo Sunrise overlay as soon as
possible. In the mean time, it would also be nice to receive some user
feedback. If you run Gentoo, you can install from my personal overlay.
FWIW: I have been running OpenDNSSEC 1.0.0 through 1.1.0rc3 from this
ebuild without issues. Simple howto:

# checkout overlay from subversion
svn co https://svn.whyscream.net/whyscream-overlay/sunrise-dev
# install opendnssec and dependencies
PORTDIR_OVERLAY="path/to/repo/checkout" emerge -av opendnssec

BTW, I implemented support for all HSM formats that opendnssec supports,
but since I have none of the hardware, all testing has been done with
SoftHSM. Any feedback on this particular field would be very appreciated.

When final work is incorporated into Sunrise overlay, I'll send another


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