[Opendnssec-user] Missing timestamps in signatures

Thomas Egrelius thomas.egrelius at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 09:41:36 UTC 2010


I am currently trying out ODS 1.0.0 on a Solaris system, but for some
reason my signatures are broken and I haven't been able to figure out
what's going on. As you can see below, the RRSIG lacks the two

odstest.egge.se.        300     IN      RRSIG   NS 7 3 300   42977
;{id = 42977}

The log give the following:

Mar 16 09:18:21 ods-signerd: [ID 702911 local0.error] signer stderr:
;Warning: skipping garbage: odstest.egge.se.   300     IN      RRSIG
NS 7 3 300   42977 odstest.egge.se.
;{id = 42977}

This is the same for each and every signature in the zone.

Anyone seen this before?


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