[Opendnssec-user] 'Error allocating ksks' problem

Björn Hansson hansson at netera.se
Wed Jun 2 14:24:58 UTC 2010


Thanks for your very quick reply!

Unfortunately (or maybe not) I don't use shared keys (the kasp.xml is 
untouched besides using datecounter instead of unixtime).


> I see this when sharing keys between the zones. It appears when I try to add more zones after the system have started and assigned the shared keys to current set of zones. The Enforcer fails to copy the set of shared keys to the new zone.
>> From the KNOWN_ISSUES:
> Issue with sharing keys and adding zones
> ----------------------------------------
> Due to a limitation in the way we keep track of key states, adding zones to a
> system that shares keys results in the new zone not getting copies of the
> standby KSKs.
> In general when sharing keys the user must be aware that any key will be in the
> same state for all zones.
> // Rickard

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