[Opendnssec-user] SQLite -> MySQL

Rick van Rein rick at openfortress.nl
Thu Apr 22 07:49:14 UTC 2010

Hi Rachid / Ville / Jakob / Rickard / ...

> 1°) why not pushing all of our work in the opendnssec TRAC system,
> So we can in a near future provide along with source files, rpm spec or even
> better rpm and src.rpm made and maintained by all us (read everyone who want
> to contribute).

Perfect.  When I said we are hesitant about _commitment_ to maintenance
I wasn't talking about actually doing the work, but more about making a
categorical dedication out of it.

> this way work done will be centralised in the TRAC system (read the vcs
> backend) , available to anyone.

Sounds like a plan to me.  Jakob, what do you think about .spec in SVN?

> at this stage, i'm taking about an upstream in the EPEL repo, but being able
> to build rpms for RHEL/CentOS systems

"i'm not talking" is what you seem to be saying according to the rest of
the sentence?  Either is fine with me, really.  Making it easy for people
of all sorts of distributions to build RPMs is always good.

> 2°) and as i said in an earlier email, we can also (depends on ressources
> available) make a koji instance somewhere on a slicehost system or in a
> cloud system if we can get a hand on some, that will build continuously rpm
> and src.rpm regards spec file stored in the TRAC vcs backend.
> rick, ville don't you think the 3 of us(if you are ok to contribute) can at
> least manage the 1°) ?

Yes, sure.  Contributing == good (as my feedback will have shown) but to us
2A is probably a bridge too far.

> what do all of you guys (read opendnssec community) think ?

Yeah!  I vote +1 on making a .spec part of SVN and integrating our work
and experience with building RPMs into it.


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