[Opendnssec-user] Problem trying to run Signer Engine

Jakob Schlyter jakob at kirei.se
Thu Sep 17 03:07:14 UTC 2009

as the locator is actually the CKA_ID of them as stored in the HSM,  
you could try using 'hsmutil list' to check that key can be located.  
example below:

-- cut --
kuriputo> sudo hsmutil list sca6000
Listing keys in repository: sca6000
10 keys found.

Repository            ID                                Type
----------            --                                ----
sca6000               580487643bac349901012bd8c3a0219f  RSA/1024
sca6000               85b0c0467d061ffe0f84293f021eb98e  RSA/1024
sca6000               480cd820e34e1dc8cef18ac94fe46fac  RSA/1024
sca6000               d088fc46ae2f0069262920851e48be48  RSA/1024
sca6000               6b5fc606a11a4e801f201b3af7508593  RSA/1024
sca6000               4c3dd42e6df92361380017017df998ce  RSA/1024
sca6000               51651515d3127f5f8c3bf23c913b03c1  RSA/1024
sca6000               2f8c9c1006c636cac55c448df926c646  RSA/1024
sca6000               83ef07b1b324a22ea782df1d5572f1aa  RSA/1024
sca6000               ec278abb88ccaaa359d9d3f8dc38bfb4  RSA/1024
-- cut --


Jakob Schlyter
Kirei AB - www.kirei.se

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