[Opendnssec-user] Instalation notes for OpenDNSSEC 1.0a3 on Ubuntu server 8.04.3

Sebastian Castro sebastian at nzrs.net.nz
Thu Sep 10 23:22:10 UTC 2009

Ondřej Surý wrote:
> Antoin and all,


> I'm working on packaging dnsruby for Debian/Ubuntu...  after that I
> will package OpenDNSSEC as well.

I've prepared some simple init scripts for the signer_engine, keygend
and communicated for Ubuntu/Debian. They are not perfect and open to
improvements, may be those could be useful for your packaging process.

> BTW what Ubuntu version do you want me to prepare packages? (I was
> thinking about hardy and latest, ie. karmic).

I've been testing on lenny (with some packages from sid) and jaunty.
hardy doesn't include some of the dependencies like newest version of
botan and karmic is still development branch.

Sebastian Castro

> Ondrej

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