[Opendnssec-user] RE: Build problem with Beta 2 version of OpenDNSSEC

Sitowitz, Paul PSitowitz at verisign.com
Fri Oct 16 14:42:07 UTC 2009

Hi Alex,


The zones file(s) are in the unsigned folder within the tarball that I
resent to you yesterday. I'm resending the tarball and including the
contents of the two zone files below:



@ IN SOA  dev-ng-core4 dnsuser ( 4 10800 3600 604800 86400 )

  IN NS   dev-ng-core4

localhost      A

ajax           A

               MX    10 ajax

odysseus       A

               MX    10 odysseus

achilles       A

               MX    10 achilles

diomedes       A

               MX    10 diomedes

dev-ng-core4   A

               MX    10 dev-ng-core4

menelaeus      A

               MX    10 menelaeus

agamemnon      A

               MX    10 agamemnon



$ORIGIN example.com.     ; designates the start of this zone file in the
name space

$TTL 1h                  ; The default expiration time of a resource
record without its own TTL value

example.com.  IN  SOA  ns.example.com. username.example.com. (

              2007120710 ; serial number of this zone file

              1d         ; slave refresh (1 day)

              1d         ; slave retry time in case of a problem (1 day)

              4w         ; slave expiration time (4 weeks)

              1h         ; minimum caching time in case of failed
lookups (1 hour)


example.com.  NS    ns                    ; ns.example.com is the
nameserver for example.com

example.com.  NS    ns.somewhere.com.     ; ns.somewhere.com is a backup
nameserver for example.com

example.com.  MX    10 mail.example.com.  ; mail.example.com is the
mailserver for example.com

@             MX    20 mail2.example.com. ; Similar to above line, but
using "@" to say "use $ORIGIN"

@             MX    50 mail3              ; Similar to above line, but
using a host within this domain

example.com.  A              ; ip address for "example.com"

ns            A              ; ip address for

www           CNAME ns                    ; "www.example.com" is an
alias for "ns.example.com"

wwwtest       CNAME www                   ; "wwwtest.example.com" is
another alias for "www.example.com"

mail          A              ; ip address for
"mail.example.com", any MX record host must be











From: Alexd at nominet.org.uk [mailto:Alexd at nominet.org.uk] 
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> We will work on this problem. Alex, do you have enough of 
> information to be able to find this problem? 

It would be very useful to get a copy of the zone which was to be
signed. Then I could try to reproduce the problem and fix it. 


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