[Opendnssec-user] Running signer with zone fetcher

Antti Ristimäki aristima at csc.fi
Wed Oct 7 11:44:31 UTC 2009

Hi Matthijs and others,

One more thing about zone fetcher. It doesn't seem to understand the 
<Port> statement in the zonefetch.xml file. At least in our test bed it 
is always sending the AXFR request to the standard server port 53 instead 
of the port given in zonefetch.xml.

In addition, how can one make the zone fetcher listen to NOTIFY 
messages on a specific address? At least the <IPv4> statement inside the 
<NotifyListen> statement doesn't seem to do the trick. The <Port> 
statement works for the listener, but it binds on all possible addresses.



On Wed, 7 Oct 2009, Matthijs Mekking wrote:

> Doh,
> it should have been config, not zone_config. Fixed in trunk.
> Matthijs
> Antti Ristimäki wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a problem when running the signer with the zone fetcher. In the
>> conf.xml, I have the statement
>> <ZoneFetchFile>/etc/opendnssec/zonefetch.xml</ZoneFetchFile>.
>> When trying to run the signer, it logs the following error message:
>> Error: Engine instance has no attribute 'zone_config'
>> If I comment out the statement <ZoneFetchFile> from the conf.xml, the
>> signer starts normally.
>> Any ideas about the reason?
>> Cheers,
>> Antti

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