[Opendnssec-user] SoftHSM is blocking

Mattias Andersson mattias at nonetwork.se
Tue Aug 4 10:55:17 UTC 2009

Looking at:

              This file can be used instead of the syslog(2) <http://www.kernel.org/doc/man-pages/online/pages/man2/syslog.2.html> system call to read
              kernel messages.  A process must have superuser privileges to read this
              file, and only one process should read this file.  This file should not
              be read if a syslog process is running which uses the syslog(2) <http://www.kernel.org/doc/man-pages/online/pages/man2/syslog.2.html> system
              call facility to log kernel messages.

              Information in this file is retrieved with the *dmesg*(8) program.

Interpreting this I guess one could expect behaviors as the ones 
observed trying to read from /proc/kmsg, even thou I have seen it 
working fine in some systems.
If you read this info for entropy I would recommend not read this file 
or access the content via dmesg instead.


Rickard Bondesson skrev:
> Hash: SHA256
>> I was able to compile all parts of OpenDNSSEC on Ubuntu Linux 9.04.
>> then, when I try to initialize the SoftHSM token with
>> softhsm --init-token --slot 0 --label "OpenDNSSEC"
>> I can enter the SO PIN and user PIN, but then the softhsm 
>> process "hangs". I have compiled OpenDNSSEC with loglevel=4 
>> and see the following log messages from SoftHSM:
>> Aug  2 19:11:58 csmobile2 softhsm: SoftHSM: C_Initialize: Calling
>> Aug  2 19:11:58 csmobile2 softhsm: SoftHSM: C_Initialize: OK
>> Aug  2 19:12:01 csmobile2 softhsm: SoftHSM: C_InitToken: Calling
>> Aug  2 19:12:03 csmobile2 softhsm: SoftHSM: C_OpenSession: Calling
>> Any ideas where I can look for the cause of this issue?
> We have also got a report from a user with Fedora 11 and a similar problem. Will have a look into this.
> There should also be a line saying: "SoftHSM: C_InitToken: OK", right?
> Could you run "strace softhsm --init-token --slot 0 --label 'OpenDNSSEC'" and give my the last page of lines before it hangs?
> // Rickard
> Version: 9.8.3 (Build 4028)
> Charset: utf-8
> wsBVAwUBSngJW+CjgaNTdVjaAQjjVwf+O7elT0cgghYXA9uoLzo2qmts6zGy+Jix
> 0VCNFYFeI070Gz2Ircz9NqLVAS+TF3wykS61XMbNpyvsFiISQgxLHuBN8zVPm4Av
> j67miTEzrN3ACyXdvp4qGB0OLn4KYOaFjeO5eUbpKgK7LLQElRDapA2jpUu85INQ
> MhTarRw3I003laRKOh6fEu5zz/ORomU6M5EOW5xvy8tE0ysvQ/CbXnNQX+5PYoNR
> 7Gbji1ofjCcGw2zZUnsowIBw3TvBs8VVmpeB6bh9h8RmI4B/PVpdhJeOmKm8rn0h
> gRTDafpH0mAhj0aCK+zKjDBkCU8kepmG2WDq0JzTV+bhz/4JxW5gkQ==
> =Zv7W
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