[Opendnssec-maintainers] Re: [Opendnssec-user] Warning to all EPEL 6 users (Red Hat / Fedora / CentOS etc) (fwd)

Sara Dickinson sara at sinodun.com
Mon Jul 16 12:45:30 UTC 2012

On 15 Jul 2012, at 22:28, Paul Wouters wrote:

>> So, given that we are where we are, how about a warning along the lines of:
>> "The 1.4.0a1 release of OpenDNSSEC is included for testing purposes only. It should NOT be installed in production environments. 
>> Please see http://www.opendnssec.org/download/ for the latest stable release."
> I would personally say "not recommended for" versus "should NOT be
> used". It's opensource software, which should make recommendations to it
> users, but not try and dictate to its users. Something like "We strongly
> recommend this release is not used in production".

Point taken - that would work.


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