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Thu Sep 12 09:01:27 UTC 2013

If we remove the zonelist configuration file, there may be some disadvantages:

1. It's not very friendly for the users because it's inconsistent for the configuration. some from the files, and some from database.
2. No obvious convenience.
Now we update the zonelist file then execute the update command.
After changed, we should export -> edit -> import, may be more steps.

If we base on the database not the configuration files, the configuration based on web may be more friendly for users.

The communication method between enforcer and signer is not very good for thousands of zones scenes.
Because there are so many files. If there are more than one thounsand files under a file, the OS's search speed would slow down.
Jakob mentioned that we can use a shared database may be a nice choice.
We can added some new tables that record the information signconf contains.

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On 12 sep 2013, at 10:08, "Siôn Lloyd" <sion at> wrote:

> One file per zone could work

We need to think more about this.

There are limits to the number of files in a single directory for about half of the filesystems and the most common one (ext*).

> we could add the config information that the signer needs for the 
> adapters, etc. to the signconf files.

Yes, we should add all nessesary configuration for a zone in the same space.

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