[Opendnssec-develop] Review of JIRA issues

Matthijs Mekking matthijs at nlnetlabs.nl
Mon May 13 09:06:25 UTC 2013

On 05/12/2013 05:56 PM, Rick van Rein (OpenFortress) wrote:
> Hello Sara,
>> OPENDNSSEC-329 RFC 6725 deprecates the use of RSA/MD5 					Unassigned
> That's just something for the operator to implement, and for us to avoid in default configurations and perhaps to add to documentation?

I have added that, if we should remove RSA/MD5 from OpenDNSSEC (first 
announce it of course that we will deprecate it at foo time). For 
example, Unbound will already consider RRsets signed with this algorithm 
to be insecure.

I think the conclusion was to keep it as it is for now.

>> OPENDNSSEC-328 man pages for configuration xml files 						Unassigned
> If Roland agrees, I should be able to write those.  I'll ask him when he is available again in two weeks.
>> OPENDNSSEC-232 Handle DNS views 									Unassigned
> IMHO, an important shortcoming in current OpenDNSSEC; specifically because setting up a 2nd system for another view is quite a big thing for OpenDNSSEC.  I would like to nominate this one.
> -Rick
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