[Opendnssec-develop] RE: Review of JIRA issues

Sara Dickinson sara at sinodun.com
Fri Apr 26 13:51:10 UTC 2013

Hi All, 

As part on the ongoing review of our JIRA issues I would like to ask for comments on the following issues which currently have a Fix version of 'Future release':

OPENDNSSEC-293	Reporting of important messages through email in addition to the current syslog method. Jakob Schlyter	  	
OPENDNSSEC-251	Support for offline KSK                                                                                               Jakob Schlyter	 	
OPENDNSSEC-94	Read-only Repsitories													Jakob Schlyter		 
OPENDNSSEC-95	Implement --disable-signer for the Enforcer									Jakob Schlyter
OPENDNSSEC-310	Revisit how the daemons are initialised and provide example init scripts 			Jerry Lundström	 
OPENDNSSEC-89	ods-control should be able to take a conf.xml file as a command line arg 			Jerry Lundström
OPENDNSSEC-316	Privileges on shared PIN memory										Rickard Bellgrim
OPENDNSSEC-125	Implement a KASP visualization tool 										Yuri Schaeffer	 
OPENDNSSEC-314	Bootstrap ODS from signed zone 										Yuri Schaeffer	 
OPENDNSSEC-100	Implement 5011 													Yuri Schaeffer
OPENDNSSEC-360	Fix new build environment for contrib/eppclient								Unassigned
OPENDNSSEC-352	$ make test														Unassigned
OPENDNSSEC-335	Implement hook to be called for backup after key generation						Unassigned

- If no-one nominates an issue it will be left with a fix version of 'Future release'.
- If anyone feels any issue should be nominated for a particular release then please reply to this email indicating which release and why. 
- I was planning a brief review of all issues with a specific fix version during the developer meeting at RIPE.

BTW: There are about a dozen further (unassigned) issues for 'Future release' that I will present for review in an email next week. I have already been through those assigned to Matthijs and Sion offline with them and several issues have been nominated for specific releases. 



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