[Opendnssec-develop] RE: Regression testing

Sara Dickinson sara at sinodun.com
Wed Aug 22 15:54:32 UTC 2012

Hi All, 

Following up from the discussion at the last team meeting I have tried to come up with a first pass at dividing up the regression tests between the team. I know that you are all just dying to write some regression tests so here goes :-) 


 - Firstly this list is not complete so please review, amend, update as you see fit!

 - Secondly I have picked what I _think_ are the most important tests to implement for 1.4. The balance is between the effort required but to try to give good coverage and fill the gap of what the auditor did. I have put names against these to get us started (based on my best understanding of availability in the next few weeks). If you disagree with what tests I have picked or have a longing to test a different area then please let me know and we can shuffle things around.

To summarise my thinking:
  Matthijs - work on the new DNS adaptor tests (OPENDNSSEC-172)
  Jerry     - work on setting up an external validator to make sure the zones are valid (OPENDNSSEC-143)
  Sion      - work on tests for the new threaded Enforcer (which are good Enforcer tests anyway)
  Yuri       - work alongside Sion to increase the coverage for the 'Policy->Signconf.xml' path that the Auditor checked previously. 
  Sara      - work on key management tests
  Jakob    - work on zone management tests

 - Finally I am hoping that everyone can have a go at spending some time on this in the next week or two ready for the 1.4 beta. If this is an issue because of other commitments/vacation/etc then please let me know. Or if there is anyone not listed above who wants to volunteer to write some tests then please let me know too! 

Good luck!


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