[Opendnssec-develop] Support Process

Jerry Lundström jerry at opendnssec.org
Mon Nov 21 12:45:33 UTC 2011

On 17 nov 2011, at 16:22, "Siôn Lloyd" <sion at nominet.org.uk> wrote:

> The process seems like a fair place to start, and we can see how it
> works. The only thing that I would worry about is leaving the feature
> request support ticket open once it has been added as a development
> ticket. This might mean these tickets are open for a long time as the
> feature is in the "future release
> " bucket.

As a start we will only have the default JIRA statuses but we will
want to extend them for the support issues to enable "Waiting for ..."

The future release stuff is another matter because right now it feels
more like "Nice to have... but we will never have time to make
it"-issues that could be handled differently and better.


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