[Opendnssec-develop] Re: [OpenDNSSEC] #221: Segmentation Fault on schedule.c:232

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Thu Mar 24 09:28:22 UTC 2011

#221: Segmentation Fault on schedule.c:232
Reporter:  Sebastian Castro <sebastian@…>            |        Owner:  matthijs
    Type:  defect                                    |       Status:  new     
Priority:  trivial                                   |    Component:  Signer  
 Version:  trunk                                     |   Resolution:          
Keywords:                                            |  

Comment (by matthijs):


 Fixed in r4634. If we cannot unschedule, the function should return NULL.
 Your logic works. I fixed it a bit differently, but it's the same
 behaviour as your fix.

 Thanks for the report

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