[Opendnssec-develop] SOA serial arithmetics

Patrik Wallström patrik.wallstrom at iis.se
Wed Jan 19 12:50:15 UTC 2011

I am currently working with a number of zones that have serial numbers that are larger than 2147483647. See RFC1982 on the arithmetics. (I am using 1.2.0 for these tests.)

What my experience so far is that the ods-signer does not believe those serials are larger than 0 when using the serial "keep" option. I believe this to be incorrect. And increments after those larger numbers are also supposed to be larger than the previous increment (but I have not checked this yet in ods), regardless of those serials being larger than 2147483647. First, am I correct in assuming this? I believe that this is how BIND handles zone transfers.

Can somebody please take a look at this?

Patrik Wallström
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