[Opendnssec-develop] Partial Auditor

Stephen.Morris at nominet.org.uk Stephen.Morris at nominet.org.uk
Mon Feb 22 16:23:34 UTC 2010

sion at nominet.org.uk wrote on 22/02/2010 16:09:38:

> > If so, shall I add the Partial tag?
> So, if I understand, the proposal is to have a switch in kasp.xml that 
> turn partial auditing on or off. Then, possibly, further configuration 
> be in a separate (non-xml) file?
> A couple of observations... Is it really desirable to have more config
> files? And if so, do we want to mix xml and non-xml?
> I'm just trying to think if users will find this more confusing than the
> system is already. Although the alternative of putting all the 
> into kasp.xml is no simpler, it is at least one fewer file and a 
> format.

The idea was partially mine because of the idea raised our face to face 
meeting last month that we should allow people to configure their own 
auditor into the system.  To allow for maximum flexibility, we should not 
require that auditor options be contained within our configuration file.

Perhaps better would be for the auditor to look for its own configuration 
file and decide whether it should do a full or partial audit based on the 
contents. (For upwards compatibility, the default should a full audit if 
the file is not present.). The switch in kasp.xml keeps its current 
function of turning auditing on or off.

But I take your point that this is yet another configuration file...

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