[Opendnssec-develop] Partial Auditor

Alexd at nominet.org.uk Alexd at nominet.org.uk
Wed Feb 17 15:07:50 UTC 2010

Hi - 

I'm in the process of adding the new PartialAuditor class to the auditor. 
This performs most of the same tests as the full auditor, but leaves out 
the few which require a full canonical sort of the zone. This reduces the 
time taken to audit a zone with many millions of signed records to a few 
minutes (from a few hours).

I still have to finish things off, but would like to add the configuration 
options for selecting the new auditor now. It seemed to us that the 
easiest thing to do would be to add a "Partial" tag to the Audit element 
in kasp.xml. Only the auditor would read this, and would adjust its 
behaviour accordingly (i.e. run the full or partial auditor on the zone of 
interest). Any other configuration for the partial auditor (e.g. what 
checks to run) can be in a separate (non-XML) file.

Is everyone happy with this?

If so, shall I add the Partial tag?


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