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#98: Few questions and documentation in FR
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Comment(by rb):

 1. This is a notice for you that the system will use keys that has not
 been flagged as backed up. Add the <RequireBackup>-tag to your repository
 in the conf.xml.
 If this tag is present, then you have to give "ods-ksmutil backup done"
 before the key can be used. But before you do that, do not forget to do a

 2. You probably have a standby key. This will make it faster for you to do
 an emergency key rollover, since the key is already pre published.

 3. We could always provide a link to your documentation. Where can we find

 5. Tom Hendrikx is going to package OpenDNSSEC for Gentoo.

 6. It works well for me. Could you describe it more?

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