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#98: Few questions and documentation in FR
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 Hello, and thanks for your answers,

 1/ What is the action for activate this, or for corrected this :
 "RequireBackup NOT set; please make sure that you know the potential
 problems of using keys which are not recoverable"

 2/ After many time now or Opendnssec running on my computer, i am realy
 surprise to find 2 KSK and 2 ZSK. Is it the real procedur for DNSSEC. I am
 chocking for this (repository to 1).

 3/ and after many readind documentation by your site, and same another
 documentation...i am happy to purpose at you a documentation for use
 openDNSSEC with Bind principaly.
 And your the first to see my work before an publication.
 Sorry it's not swedish ... i have 3 formats for this documention :
 XHTML, PDF and Docbook. I think it's a good idea for your product with a
 documentation for the french people, good documentation i will see after.

 5/ OpenDNSSEC is ready for Gentoo 2009.
 6/ I has a big problem very probably with the last Ubuntu (9.10) and Gnome
 + OpenDNSSEC. I think there is an incompatibility whith an libray in
 Python(?)...at 3 time my PC freeze for this, and after all it's not good.

 Best regards and thanks a lot.

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