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Tue Sep 22 11:47:15 UTC 2009

#30: Compile links to wrong libhsm
Reporter:  opendnssec.simon at arlott.org  |       Owner:  rb     
    Type:  defect                       |      Status:  new    
Priority:  major                        |   Component:  Unknown
 Version:  trunk                        |    Keywords:         
 If libhsm is already installed in the system library path, this is used
 instead of the library in the build tree.

 /bin/sh ../libtool --tag=CC   --mode=link gcc  -g -O2 -pedantic -Wall
 -Wextra   -o keygend keygend.o ../common/libenforcer.a ../ksm/libksm.a
 -lxml2 -lz -lm -L/usr/local/lib -lsqlite3 -L../../libhsm/src/.libs -lhsm
 libtool: link: gcc -g -O2 -pedantic -Wall -Wextra -o keygend keygend.o
 ../common/libenforcer.a ../ksm/libksm.a -L/usr/local/lib
 /usr/lib/libsqlite3.so -lpthread -L/.../libhsm/src/.libs
 /usr/local/lib/libhsm.so -L/usr/lib /usr/lib/libldns.so -lnsl -lcrypto
 /usr/lib/libxml2.so -lz -lm -ldl
 keygend.o: In function `server_main':
 enforcer/keygend/keygend.c:316: undefined reference to `hsm_get_error'
 enforcer/keygend/keygend.c:240: undefined reference to `hsm_get_error'
 enforcer/keygend/keygend.c:304: undefined reference to `hsm_get_error'
 enforcer/keygend/keygend.c:136: undefined reference to `hsm_get_error'
 collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
 make: *** [keygend] Error 1

 It may be possible to fix this by incrementing the libhsm version number
 so that libtool prefers the local version over the older installed

 Alternatively the library paths could be specified in the correct order.

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