[Opendnssec-develop] [OpenDNSSEC] #21: nsec3er can't handle an "Empty non-terminal" at the start of the file

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Sun Sep 6 14:37:56 UTC 2009

#21: nsec3er can't handle an "Empty non-terminal" at the start of the file
Reporter:  opendnssec.simon at arlott.org  |       Owner:  jelte 
    Type:  defect                       |      Status:  new   
Priority:  major                        |   Component:  Signer
 Version:  1.0a1                        |    Keywords:        
 If there's an "Empty non-terminal" at the start of the sorted file, the
 nsec3er program tries to dereference a NULL pointer:

 #0  ldns_rr_rd_count (rr=0x0) at rr.c:761
 #1  0x08049416 in link_nsec3_rrs (nsec3_a=0x0, nsec3_b=0x8b38028) at
 #2  0x080496da in handle_name (out_file=0x8b371c8, rr=0x0,
 origin=0x8b37018, ttl=3600, prev_name=0x0, rr_list=0x8b382e0,
 prev_nsec=0xbfe4e004, first_nsec=0xbfe4e000, n3p=0x8b37008,
 ent_name=0x8b382f0, ent_ns=0)
     at nsec3er.c:289
 #3  0x08049a7d in handle_line (out_file=0x8b371c8, line=0x8b37330 "; Empty
 non-terminal: <removed>.ip6.arpa.", line_len=93, origin=0x8b37018,
     soa_min_ttl=3600, prev_name=0xbfe4dffc, n3p=0x8b37008,
 rr_list=0x8b382e0, prev_nsec=0xbfe4e004, first_nsec=0xbfe4e000) at
 #4  0x08049c54 in create_nsec3_records (input_file=0x8b37060,
 out_file=0x8b371c8, origin=0x8b37018, n3p=0x8b37008, soa_min_ttl=3600) at
 #5  0x0804a4da in main (argc=13, argv=0xbfe4e114) at nsec3er.c:615

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