[Opendnssec-develop] Embedded scripts can replace syslog()

Rick van Rein rick at openfortress.nl
Tue Sep 1 11:49:17 UTC 2009


> > for each and every log line? that's something I would encourage my 
> > competitors do do.
> Agreed.

You are right, embedding logging code is better.

> We have multiple daemon processes all logging to syslog.  If we want to 
> give users the ability to process log messages, I suggest that we ensure 
> that all OpenDNSSEC code logs via a thin wrapper around syslog which calls 
> a user-exit function and, depending on the returned status, syslog, e.g.

Yes, that's what I did with the embedded script.  It is much, much more
efficient -- except that it includes a scripting language into OpenDNSSEC.
That means a lot of flexibility as well as the larger binary size to hold
the interpreter.

It's just a proposal -- I'll leave it to others to decide if we want to be
_that_ general, but building our own logging system doesn't seem like a
dream job to me.


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