SV: [Opendnssec-develop] *blush* The experts agree. CKA_ID it is.

Rick van Rein rick at
Fri Mar 20 07:05:06 UTC 2009

Hello Rickard/others,

> If I store the same value in both CKA_LABEL and CKA_ID with pkcs11-tool, lets say 090310084749289287
> Then pkcs11-tool will present this:
>   label:      090310084749289287
>   ID:         303930333130303834373439323839323837
> They are represented by the same bytes in the token, but presented diffrently.

This seems to confirm my conclusion that it is best to use the textual
UUID in the CKA_LABEL and the binary UUID in the CKA_ID.

Great, so we'll have the most compact storage combined with pleasant readout!


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