[Opendnssec-develop] resigning the resignation of the resign element name

Roy Arends roy at nominet.org.uk
Fri Feb 27 13:53:55 UTC 2009

Jelte wrote on 02/27/2009 02:45:28 PM:

> (bikeshed, say hello to my little paintgun friend)
> Rick van Rein wrote:
> > 
> > Perhaps rename <resign/> to <re-sign/> as people tend to do in
> > plain English to avoid confusion?
> I see that the last change made it <reSign>, which IMHO is both 
extremely ugly
> and inconsistent with other names.
> As I understand, it was chosen over <re-sign> because of worries about 
> parsers not being able to parse dashes. It this an actual worrying 
> point? While
> i'm certainly not opposed to the correct use of <re-sign>, I prefer 
> over <reSign> if that is not an option.
> Oh and if so, xml just made another step towards my personal pit of
> would-not-buy-again.

Fwiw, it doesn't matter what you pick, as long as it is machine readable. 
Some resemblance to human readable form is desirable of course, but just 
pick one.

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