[Opendnssec-maintainers] OpenDNSSEC 1.3.6 coming right up!

Jaap Akkerhuis jaap at NLnetLabs.nl
Wed Feb 15 12:55:48 UTC 2012

    > Do you have a link to the package pre-release for testing?
    No, but you can check out the branch: =
    http://svn.opendnssec.org/branches/OpenDNSSEC-1.3/ .
That won't work for FreeBSD ports (and probably other systems). A
FreeBSD port takes whatever the official distribution tarball (or
whatever the form is) and then takes care of the system dependent
parts. So for pre-release tests one wants to have a distribution
release candidate tarbal. SOmething as close as possible to the
final release.


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