[Opendnssec-develop] Adding ECC to ods-signer

Benno Overeinder benno at NLnetLabs.nl
Wed Sep 28 08:54:37 UTC 2016

Hi Rick,

> On 28 Sep 2016, at 10:27, Rick van Rein <rick at openfortress.nl> wrote:
> Hi,
>>> Just to manage expectations: I will not make changes to the Enforcer.
>> Why not? The changes should be trivial.
> Trivial perhaps... but both the old and new Enforcer code is
> too daunting to me.  The new Enforcer, while I wholeheartedly
> agree with its style, requires a lot of understanding before
> I would want to make changes in it, because I would fear for
> putting it off-balance.

We can coordinate that part (with the Enforcer) with you.  Excellent to have ECC in ODS, and appreciate your and SURFnet’s continued effort to contribute to ODS.


— Benno

Benno J. Overeinder
NLnet Labs

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