[Opendnssec-develop] RE: Postponement of 2.0.0a4 release

Yuri Schaeffer yuri at nlnetlabs.nl
Tue Apr 29 18:05:06 UTC 2014

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Yes, I'll summarize the events of the past few weeks for the record here.

Initially Sara an I planned to fix up the last sprint which included
documentation and interface work and release it as an a4. Thereafter I
would concentrate on porting the tests to the ng branch and release it
as an a5, after which I would work together with Jerry making the DB

Everything for the a4 sprint was done and I did some additional manual
testing. There I found that after a 'rollover list' the 'enforce'
command would time out. I could trace it to 'something fails with the
transactions' but not fix it in a reasonable time. Consulting Jakob
and Jerry we decided to make the DB switch a priority. thereby
avoiding having to fix this bug at all.

It is unclear why we didn't notice it before, but once observed it
took me quite a while to reproduce reliably. Probably because there
isn't even a usecase where one would have to call 'enforce'. Still it
indicates a problem with the current implementation.

Then events passed quickly, Jerry had I had a 2 day meeting in
Amsterdam to kick of DB change. First day we discussed the data model,
identified problems and fixed them. We've discussed how to support
future alternative database backends. On the second day we started
coding to get a few basic usecases in ODS. We have a 'policy list' and
a 'resalt'. Thereby testing reading and writing to the DB including
transaction handling.

So far this seems to work flawlessly. For Sqlite, mysql is not
implemented at the moment.

What is currently happening:
- - Yuri is one by one converting the enforcer modules to the new
backend. Thereby weeding out the c++ parts (only the orm layer was C++
- - Jerry is making some provisions to support non transactional/sql
databases then will work to replace the XML handling of the orm code.

After this we should be on par with the nearly released a4 minus Mysql
support. I (gu)estimate this could be perhaps in the week after RIPE.

Then we will implement MySQL, and pick up where we left converting tests.

The current state of affairs can be found at

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